Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Need a Hero...

...well, actually it's spelled Gyro. Otherwise known (apparently) as the Donner Kebab or Shawarma, which I don't think are exactly interchangeable, but very closely related. (I had shawarma at Mazzah once, and it was nothing like a gyro... so I guess anything goes.)

And I don't really need one, because I've already had two* this week. Yes. I found the little Greek- and Near-East-Food Wonderland just off of Place Saint Michel behind the bookstore I've been to far too many times this week.

There's also a little patisserie there that sells yummy mini macaroons in a varitey of different flavors. Soooooo good. But too pricey. So, that's not going to become a habit**.
The donner kebabs, though... I have a feeling those are going to become a weekly "meat" ritual. Cheap, and a ton of food (I ate one for two meals--you gotta love that).
Yum. That's all I have to say about that.

* Okay, so obviously when I eat meat, I go big. Otherwise I'm sticking to whole wheat pasta and veggie sandwiches, with either fruit or All-Bran for breakfast (with soy "drink," which is what they call it here. Why? Do you NEED to make it sound any less appetizing than it already does?).
**Though they may in fact become wedding reception food.
Pictures from here and here, respectively.


Diane said...

Ahh! That is the area I was looking for when we were there last. It is full of cheap eateries that serve gyros.Yummy and with the yoghurt sauce, yummmmy!

Deborah said...

When you say donner kebabs, all I can think of is the Donner party. Now that is NOT yummy. I think in my mind I will refer to them as don kebabs or, at least, change the pronunciation to, say, "donnah". Enjoy those gyros!

Sarah said...

Deb, not that you're ever going to read this comment, but the "o" in Donner has an umlat, and I'm guessing Aaron can tell you more about how that changes the pronunciaiton than I can, but from what I can tell they're pronounced Dooneh. Hope that helps with the mental imagery situation. ;)