Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bag Lady (and a little bit of complaining)

Today I bought a big, slouchy hobo purse that will fit my books for Institute in it. They don't fit in my regular purse (which is a surprise, since that purse is ginormo), and this one was the cheapest one I've seen around. Which, after touching it, made sense... it's made of that fake leathery fabric, but not the "high quality" kind that actually feels like leather. The kind that feels like it's trying too hard to be leather, but is really just plastic.

Regardless, it was the right size. Only it's so big that it wouldn't fit into my other purse, so I carted two huge purses all over Versailles (really only a mile and a half each way) to a church activity.

Well, to the church, anyway. I must have had the wrong time, because there was NO ONE there. And I had to pee like a pregnant lady. So I walked down an adjoining street, literally praying that there would be a restaurant somewhere that I could eat a little something in order to use the facilities.

I was in luck. Found a little Chinese food place. Ordered these nasty pork meatball-looking things and fried rice. Went back to the church to see if anyone had come yet. Nope. Got seriously annoyed and started walking back to the train station.

Oh, and did I mention that it snowed today in Paris? Yeah, so not only was I carrying my two humungo purses, but my pants were sucking up every bit of slush I walked through and the lovely soaking effect was up to my hamstrings by the time I got back to the RER station to go home.

Needless to say, I could have used my time more effectively (especially considering I gave up like 5 hours of museum pass time for this. Lame.).

And my cheeks are wind burned. Ouchy.

Okay, I'm done complaining. The one big benefit this provided is that I now know exactly how to get to the church without having to pull out my Post-It with street-by-street directions written on it.

And I know to never order those meatball things again. :)

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