Sunday, February 15, 2009

After the Orsay

I stopped at a cafe right across the street for some late lunch. It was snowing...

...and I was starving.

I looked over the menu, and since I haven't been eating much meat, I decided to go for it and order some sausages. I ordered my saucisses and fries, a Coke, and some caramel custard.

When my order came, I almost threw up right on the spot. Saucisson is apparently the word for real, hearty, delicious sausage. Saucisse (what I ordered) is just a regular ol' HOT DOG. And apparently a boiled hot dog. Truly foul. But, knowing how well "oops, can I exchange this for something edible?" would go over with my waiter, I ate it anyway. With no ketchup, since that's not a big thing here unless you're at McDonalds or some other kind of McDo knock-off joint. Ew.

So, I forced down the "reject-meat and various and sundry other animal parts" dogs and looked forward to dessert. Which ended up tasting like it was bathed in liqueur, so I had about two bites and decided that flavor wasn't normal.

All in all, not the best meal I've had since coming to Paris.

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