Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Found...

... some great little stores over the last two days. And I bought cute and cheap earrings at both of them.

I think this officially brings the total number of earrings (pairs, of course) that I have in France to 100. I left quite a few pairs at home... but I obviously brought more than I left. :)

I'm thinking about doing a '100 Earrings in 100 days' "challenge" for myself, where I don't allow myself to wear any of my earrings twice until I've worn them all. It doesn't sound challenging, but I'm lazy enough that sometimes I just grab the first pair of earrings that "works" and head out. This shallow little "challenge" would involve a little more thought. And pictures. Then you can see all of my earrings. (Or--truth be told-- you could just go to Target and look over their jewelry department, since that's where I got most of them, anyway. :) I lose things... so I don't like to spend a lot of money on my earrings.)

Blah, blah, blah. I digress. Here are the earrings I bought.
But first, the pretty packaging from the first store. This store is right across the river from Notre Dame. And a couple of storefronts down there is a restaurant that only sells tarts. Of all kinds. Must go there soon.

I love that these green ones have the look of felted wool.

Mixed metals tend to be a big turn-off for me, but I really love these.

And these are very similar to some turqoise tear-drops I have, but these ones have more pronounced imperfections and they're about 4 times as big and have more of a bright jade green hue to them than real turquoise (it's hard to tell from the picture).


Brooke said...

My earring collection is comprised of tiny studs that I don't wear too often, and one pair of small hoops that stay in my ears most days. I've tried to get into earrings, but I feel self-conscious when I wear anything out of the norm. I feel like I did when I grew out my bangs in 8th grade and my friend would stare at my forehead whenever we talked to each other.

Sarah said...

Brooke, I know exactly how you feel. I used to only wear little studs or tiny (tiny) dangles. But one day I decided to wear some "huge" (normal sized) earrings. I felt self-conscious about them all day, but I kept getting compliments, so I kept at it, and now I can't stop. :)

Sarah said...

Plus it took a little getting used to since they brush against my neck, etc. At first they would really annoy me because I thought someone was touching me or there was a bug on my neck or something. :)