Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You'd Be So Proud

Today on my way into the city center, I was quietly reading a book on the RER, and some random guy comes and sits across from me. It was weird, because here no one sits on the same row as someone else unless there is at least one person occupying every single row on the train. At this point I'm keeping a really close eye on my bag because I'm half expecting him to snatch it and run away at the next stop. But no. He turns to talk to me. He asks where I'm going, and I say, "To school."
"So, you're going to the St-Michel station?"
"Yes." (Getting creeped out and feeling slightly stalked.)

Then he says, “So, can we see each other again?” I figured I must have heard him wrong, so he has to repeat himself twice for me to realize that yes, I mostly understood, and that is in fact what he was getting at.

“Umm… no. That’s nice, but no.”
“Why?” (What the--? Isn’t “NO” enough?)
“Well, because I’m really busy.” (I almost said, “And because I said no, and that should be good enough.” But I didn’t.) (And also, because we never really SAW each other in the first place. You stalked me on the train. That's creepy.)
I turned back to my book. He stayed in the seat for about ten more seconds and then walked off in a huff, muttering under his breath.

Seriously, did he think I was going to melt at his feet? Lame, that’s what that is. Pure lameness.

But aren't you proud of me? I feel like I had a breakthrough.


Jess said...

I am very proud; way to hold your ground. Also, I like your new picture.

Sarah said...

Well, thank you, Miss Yessica!

Erin said...

Yeah, that was definitely gutsy (and not in a good way) of him, and brave of you! Good for you.

Diane said...

Good for you, Sarah!

Denise said...

Creepy, that is for sure.

hknight said...

well you are learning! Way to say NO! I'm so proud!