Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paris Relief Society and Ward Activities

Last Saturday (as in yesterday), my ward had a sort of "Super Saturday ."

First, the Relief Society had an activity which included some very touching testimonies and making 12 fleece blankets for a local hospital that really needs them.

This was followed by a ward luncheon (and, I'm not going to lie--it's probably the best meal I've had since I moved here).

Then we had a little ward activity where we answered 7 questions, then told the people at our table what our answers to the questions were, and then for each question they went around the room and one person from each table got to share their answer.
At my table there were...two people. Me and a really nice guy in the ward who is moving to New York City in a few weeks. So we got to know each other a little bit and then took turns sharing with the rest of the ward. :) Too bad he's one of the few people I've met in the ward and he's moving. (However, I also met a few other people--which was great!)
What I thought was really interesting about the whole game was the missionary up at the front in this picture. His role was to translate all of the questions and the answers people share, since there are English-only, French-only, and Chinese-only speakers in the ward. He speaks all three. Amazing. There are a few missionaries in that situation, and I have to say that I'm highly impressed that they can handle English, French, and Chinese all at the same time. Bravo.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

That is amazing that he could translate all three. Wow. I like the pictures, especially the one of my friend on the top left. It felt like it was a picture from our stake activity where we made blankets last year.:)

Jess said...

That is impressive. I'm glad you had fun.

Erin said...

Wow, that is really neat. What a fun Super Saturday!

Emmaline said...

I went to go, you know, tag myself in your blog before realizing "ummm... not Facebook." Haha. When that missionary was talking I was really surprised and accidentally blurted out "what is he saying?!" before realizing that, of course, he was speaking Chinese. The one cute French elder definitely got a kick out of that.

I love your stories--keep them up :)

Emmaline said...

...and I like how you said this "really nice French guy" not the most attractive, single, Mormon, 30-year-old English-speaking French guy... hahaha. Oh la la! Je suis jalouse! (but not really. I'm 20)