Saturday, November 15, 2008


If the title of my post doesn't speak to you, then you, like me, are not obsessed with cars.

However, I think I might have just had an obsession-inducing experience with the Mercedez-Benz SLK series 55 AMG. A guy friend of mine just bought one and took me for a ride this afternoon.

This is what it looks like.

Isn't it beautiful? If I was a bazillionaire, I would buy one. It has a bum-warmer and a neck warmer for the driver and passenger. Among dozens of other features, of course.
Because I know my mother reads my blog sometimes, I won't tell you how fast we went.
I'll just tell you that on the way home from Phoenix (where he bought it), my friend went 180 and "didn't dare go any faster." Uummm, yeah, ya think???


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

Any chance this guy friend of yours could become more than a friend? I mean, if he can buy that sweet car, you could put up with a lot of other things...;)

Scrappy said...

Wow! is your friend a bazillionaire?
I could use a bum and neck warmer this time of year, that sounds awesome!
It is a gorgeous car.

Sarah said...

Yeah, it seems like he is loaded, doesn't it?
Not really... he's just single and doesn't plan on getting married and having kids in the immediate future. :)
We're just friends, and he has a girlfriend, so I think my time in the AwesomeMobile will be (unfortunately) pretty limited.

But it's true that those bum- and neck-warmers made it feel like a cozy cocoon, even with the top down.

Diane said...

I don't care how fast he drives, as long as you don't get the ticket!It might surprise you to knwo how fast I have driven on the back roads of Utah....