Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Faves - Restaurants (in Utah)

1. Bombay House - I love it despite the awkwardness of everyone there looking at me with these knowing looks (one of their servers asked me out once). Love their mango lassis and naan, and their chicken saag is perfection in a sliver dish. Oh, yum... I am craving it right now!

2. Pizzeria 712 - great little pizza, pasta and sandwich joint. More expensive than CPK, less variety, but better quality and vastly better atmosphere. They also serve hummus and pitas as a free appetizer. So good. Can't make a specific recommendation, because their menu varies by season and availability of local and sustainably farmed produce (which they use whenever possible). Oh, and GREAT service in my experience.

3. California Pizza Kitchen - I absolutely LOVE their Margherita Pizza, the California Club Pizza, and the Chicken Waldorf Salad (with Dijon Basalmic Vinaigrette). Really loud, though. They should make their booths higher so people can hear each other talking across the table.

4. Shoots - I have no idea if this is a chain restaurant, or if the one in the Provo Riverwoods is the only one/one of very few. De-li-cious Chinese food. (Not Panda Express-style, either. More P.F. Chang's.)

5.Bajio/Cafe Rio/Costa Azul/insert your favorite fresh Mex restaurant here - Love the Cafe Rio pork salad or burrito, big fan of the ensalata Bajio and queso dip from Bajio.

6. Maestro's - Not actually a restaurant. It's a gelateria, but it's soooo good I would eat there as a meal if I wasn't trying to shed a few. Very authentic gelato, European hot chocolate, and crepes made to order. Mmmmm.


TheQueen@TerrorsInTiaras said...

All of the sudden my PB&J I am eating for lunch tasted even worse, if that's possible. ;)
I have to visit that last one--yummy.

Scrappy said...

Suddenly I am VERY hungry!
Why oh why did you have to mention Cafe Rio? They don't have anything even close out here. *sigh*

Emily said...

Mmmmm. I love Maestro's!