Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair, Don't Miss It...

... (who can fill in the missing lyrics? Who even knows where this title inspiration came from??)

As any of you who read Jessica's blog already know, we wandered up to Salt Lake for the Utah State Fair last weekend. Such fun.

I love the state fair... even though it seemed like all we did was eat. We didn't plan very well, and everyone wanted different food. So, instead of splitting up and meeting in a designated spot, we ALL waited in line with EACH person.
Regardless, we did have time to see and experience some of the finest things Utah has to offer:

Square Dancing

Ginormous Butter Sculptures of Farm Animals

Navajo Tacos (my personal fave)

Deep fried PB&J/Twinkies

And... the lovely Mody Dick ride. Which was a lot more fun than it looked like it would be. Awesome!

Can't wait until next year!! Maybe then I'll go on this ride...

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