Monday, July 7, 2008

New Job

So, the day before I left on my cruise to Alaska, I got a new job. Some of you reading this might be thrown into a state of shock and bewilderment by this news. Probably because you're heard me rave about my current boss and coworkers, and how I love my job because it's never boring, there's always something new going on, etc. And it's all true. I literally couldn't have hand-picked a better boss or more incredible (supportive, cooperative, creative, brilliant, friendly) coworkers if I could pick from a million-person lineup.

"So, why change jobs?" some of you may ask. And it's a great question... one that woke me up in the middle of the night on my cruise (more than once) almost in a cold sweat. I didn't quite seriously consider going back to my boss and telling him I was joking, but I did wonder if I had just started digging my own "professional" grave. What if I hate my job? What if my new boss seemed nice when she offered me the job, but she really isn't? What if I don't get along with my coworkers? These are all questions I pondered when I wasn't busy snapping 1300 pictures of Alaskan panoramas, whales, and glaciers. And, ultimately, I decided that it was just time for a change and this was an opportunity that presented itself at the right time in the right place. I've been training for four years this month, and I have literally loved every second of it. This new position is a great opportunity to interact with the company in a completely different way, learn new skills, and just flat out experience individual growth as a person.

The job offer was completely unexpected, I hadn't applied for it, and I didn't see it coming AT ALL. My new boss even said when she offered me the job that she felt like we were getting into an arranged marriage because she was just going off of other peoples' suggestions!! And it really does kind of feel like that, because we literally hadn't ever met until I walked into her office to meet with her about taking the job. So there is probably a certain level of uncertainty on her end, as well. But with all that being said, I am completely excited and really looking forward to carving out a place for myself somewhere other than the training department.

My new job is to oversee the customer loyalty program for the company and has a lot to do with marketing and promotions, etc., which is completely out of the realm of anything I have ever done (read: I am going to LEARN a ton of new stuff!!). I've been back from my cruise for a couple of weeks and have started to transition over to my new job while tying up all of the projects I need to have done for someone to come into my training position and not want to kill themselves right off the bat. My new boss and coworkers are really awesome, and I have started to brainstorm a lot of good ideas to put my own signature touch on the program. So, here's to new challenges and adventures!
Wish me luck!


Diane said...

Good Luck Sarah, I know you can do it. You will be great!

Jess said...

I have complete faith in you.