Saturday, October 10, 2009

Home Sweet Parisian Home

I don't think I ever gave y'all the grand tour of my apartment. Here's a quick look at the place I called home in Paris.

My room. I think I showed a picture before when I was showing you the sad and cratered state of my mattress.
This was the day before I left, so it looks like a hurricane swept through. But you get the idea. It was actually really large, which was great since there was no storage.

A quarter view of the very skinny kitchen.

The kitchen. That white appliance between the stainless counter and the stove? The one with the platter on it? That's the washing machine. If there is anything wrong with this apartment, this is the one thing that (although it had problems) was very, very lovely. I don't do laundromats. I did get used to doing dishes by hand, though, since there wasn't a dishwasher. I still forget about the dishwasher sometimes, which puts me at the receiving end of some very curious looks.

Our 'balcony.' Really just a way to get to the garbage chute.

The shower. Please note:
1) There is no permanent shower head. Each day I had to insert the hand-held shower head into the pipe sticking out from the wall. Weird. But whatever. It was set up that way on purpose, probably because when the building was first constructed no showers were planned as a part of the plumbing.
2) The only real problem I had with the shower was that there was no curtain. That's right, folks. This means I had to wipe down 1/3 of the bathroom every day because I sprayed water everywhere.

Notice the drying rack in the back of the bathroom. I also sprayed any and all clothes that were out drying in the morning as I showered. That's right, I'm amazing.

The entry. You can see the front door just to the left of the bookshelves. My room is the open door you can see on the right. The kitchen is the doorway you can barely see on the left edge of the photo.
My landlord's room was on the right just out of the frame, and through her room is the entrance to the bathroom.
The water closet is out of the frame to the left, past the kitchen.

I'm estimating that the whole apartment was maybe 800 square feet.

This is Alfred Roll street, where I walked every day to the RER and Metro.

There were two teensy grocers within 30 seconds of my front door, as well as a Chinese take-out place, an Italian restaurant, a cafe/bar, pharmacy, and of course the lovely farmer's market one block behind my apartment complex. And underground parking right below my complex, as well.
All in all, a great location.

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