Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Did I ever mention how most of the paintings I did in Paris got ruined on the flight home?


Except for like three of them (don't worry that there were probably thirty).

But, not to worry* I have repurposed them into new collage-style paintings.

I took the ruined paintings like the one below

cut them into strips, and stuck them to an unfinished canvas with varnish.


This is one of several I am going to make that are all the same size, but the collage elements will be different shapes.

And I finally got around to finishing Happy's 2008 birthday painting.

Here it is. This is the actual color. So, basically, one main color with tons o' texture. She wanted a blue painting--and that's what she got. :)

A detail.

And two more detail shots in bad kitchen lighting. The painting wasn't this yellow-ish, though there were some purple splashes throughout.

I love modeling paste. :)

Another detail I added which you can see in the main photo is some split reeds that I affixed to the canvas with modeling paste.

I was really happy with how it turned out--so much so that I almost didn't give it to Hap for her bday.

But I did. And she loved it. (Which is good, 'cause I would have absolutely taken it back and just given her earrings if she hadn't sincerely loved it.)

Oh, yeah. And my dad told me he wouldn't let me leave the house with it unless it was signed. I resisted at first, but then figured I could compromise. Signing on the front of the canvas seems arrogant to me since no one really cares. So I signed on the frame on the bottom right corner.

*Well, "not to worry" may be a little generous. I was pretty stinkin' upset.


Scrappy said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I don't know if I could ever get over something like that. It makes me sick to think about it and it wasn't even me! I am sorry that happened.
I am glad Happy loved the painting, but really, how could she not? Very cool!

Denise said...

Nice painting. How were the paintings ruined?

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

well I did not know you paint , and I really like your paintings! that sucks that most of them got ruined on the trip home, but I am glad that you are "reconstructing" them. they're awesome!! :)


Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

As usual, you leave me speechless. Your sense of color and texture are amazing, and the "second-hand composition" is so vibrant and lovely... I really appreciate also the geometric regularity (and yet, not...) of the collage. The blue painting - WOW! So full of emotion and spirit. And I like the "yellowish" detail - so full of depth and pondering... You have real talent, mon ami! Awesome.

hknight said...

Looks good! You are quite the artist! The boys love to paint with you too! I LOVE the collage that you made those are super cool!

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone! I always get a little nervous when I think about showing my art to people--it's so personal to me. So I'm really happy that you all like it, too!

Denise, the paintings got ruined because I thought they were completely dry and they weren't. Some of the paintings had been done for over a month and a half, and still stuck together! The main lesson I learned from that is that paint on canvas dries much more quickly than paint on paper, especially in thick applications.

Roxanne said...

So sorry about your paintings -- but the resulting collage is amazing. I love it!