Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Bastille area in Paris has a lot to offer. (Except the Bastille, since it no longer exists.)

I spent a very small amount of time in that area, though. The Sister missionaries lived near the Bastille metro stop, and the Promenade Plantee (which I am just now realizing I haven't shown you) is just behind the Bastille Opera.

The Place de la Bastille now has a monument right in the middle of the roundabout, and that's pretty much it. :)
You could always go to the Carnavalet Museum and see a model of the Bastille prison, if you really had a hankering to. (Free, pretty interesting, and it had that cool art nouveau room that made me swoon.) (And for some reason I can't find that post, either. Maybe I didn't share that yet, either?? Yikes.)

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meagan said...

So,question. Were the Bastille and the Temple Prison the same thing? If not, does the Temple Prison still exist?

What about the Tulleries? (spelling?)