Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've Wanted One For a Long Time...

...and now I have one! Hooray!

I just bought a new suitcase. Not that exciting for you, I'm sure, but I am uber-happy.

It's an enormous, shiny 4-wheeled wonder. I got it in black, which wasn't my first choice, but they didn't have the grey finish, and my only other option was... raspberry/fuschia/dark pink (take your pick).

I've wanted one of this particular style for a while, because they are so much easier to maneuver. There are 4 wheels instead of two, and all of the wheels are fully rotational, so whichever way you steer the sitcase, that's exactly where it goes.

I know. It's not rocket science. But it is nice, because then you also don't have to 'tip' your suitcase to roll it alongside you. Just pull up the telescoping handle, and pull it right by your side, instead of trailing behind you.
This is the one I got. On sale, of course.
There. Was that infomercial-ish enough for you all?


Christine said...

I noticed that on your list of to do, you had join a book club. If you have not found one yet, we have a great book club. The "moderator" is in a masters program to be a librarian. She leads interesting discussions, and the books she picks are full of warmth and good writing. here's a link to our book club blog.
Stop by and check it out.

Sarah said...

Dynomitegirl, that looks great! Would you email me with the info? What general area are you all located in, etc? skbrunette [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

Erin said...

What a nice suitcase! It kind of makes me jealous to go vacationing again. Sigh.