Thursday, January 29, 2009

Take-Out Photo Monthly Special: Black and White

This month's assignment at Take-Out Photo is Black and White. Those of you who are frequent readers have already seen these, but I wanted to repost them all together so I can be lazy and not link to Marc's site three separate times.
As always, keep in mind that I'm not really a photographer, I just like to take pictures. And, of course, I just switched these color photos to monochrome in-camera because I don't have any post-production software.
At least I have cool subject matter to work with, right?

Cimetiere Montparnasse

Notre Dame de Paris

Eglise St-Merri


Denise said...

I eagerly await your posts and will be sorry once you start school. I imagine you will be too busy to post mush then.
Jen & I went to Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris that was so wonderful - famous composers and writers were buried there. You could buy a map nearby at a stand to find "important" grave sites.
The most worn area in the cemetery was where Jim Morrison was buried. There were kids sitting all around, and there was only bare dirt where grass should have been.
It was a great visit. I hope you enjoy it.

marc said...

Glad to see you doing the monthly special. The photos make me want to go back to France.