Monday, October 27, 2008


Since about 1999, soon after I started working for a wholesale florist, I have detested the smell of eucalyptus. I had to handle large bundles of it every so often at work, and the oil from its leaves just clings to your skin like nobody's business. Not only does that mean the smell stays with you for hours, but it also leaves a horrible residue all over, like sap from a tree that seemingly never goes away.

As a result of this distaste for all things eucalyptus, getting sore throats and colds is even more annoying, because everything seems to have nasal-passage-clearing and sore-throat-soothing eucalyptus in it.
No, thanks. I'll take those pseudo Vitamin C candies that they sell by the throat lozenges.

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Scrappy said...

It's funny how our brains do that to us. I can't stand the smell of corndogs and ketchup. I fed them to Ned when I was pregnant with Dusty and the smell brings back the bad memories of that pregnancy. Yuck!

So, I gather you're sick. Hope you feel better soon!