Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goal 21/101 : Donate to a Charity

Goal #21 out of my "101 Things" is to donate to a charity I believe in outside of my church.

I am not sure where I fist heard of Kiva (could have been here), but I really love the idea. I'm thinking that this might be the charity that I donate to.

Do you have any charities that you donate to on a regular basis? Or that you volunteer for?
I'm open to suggestions of charities you may have worked with that you can vouch for as being on the up-and-up. If you have a favorite, or one that you have enjoyed working with, please share!


Denise said...

Primary Children's Hospital and Candlelighters for Childhood Cancer. Both are as a result of Caleb's illness and death.

Heart Mommy said...

We are always looking for help at Intermountain Healing Hearts. It is a local support group for families with children fighting or who have lost children due to CHD's or congenital heart defects. I am on the board, I can't believe how many people are affected by Heart defects.... Good for you on doing something that will inspire your "Heart", You amazing gal you!

Jennifer said...

We give to Primary Children's and the Utah Food Bank. I volunteered at the Food Bank a few years ago and loved it. I loved seeing how much good a few cans of food could do. I also volunteered at the library awhile back and loved it. Probably less fulfilling to donate money that direction though.

amy said...

you can donate time to the united way of utah county. They always have different things going. I've only ever done one thing with them, though. So I'm no shining example of gracious giving.

Dionne said...

My husband and I volunteer once a month for the Downs Syndrome Association, I believe they have one in every major city. It's so rewarding playing with the kids and just talking to them.

Big Brothers Big Sisters is also pretty awesome. I have been a Big Sister for 5 years, and it's such a great way to mentor kids who otherwise might end up heading in the wrong direction.

Another thing you could do is just buy an extra few cans of food when you go grocery shopping. My parents have a second pantry in their house that they always have filled with food and they put a note in the church newsletter if there were any people that needed food to just give them a call. They feed 2-3 families besides themselves each week, it's pretty amazing.

Sarah said...

Wow, thanks everyone for your comments. These all gave me some great insight and ideas. There are really so many good things to be a part of, aren't there?