Sunday, May 10, 2009

Museum of Decorative Arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts (Musee des Arts Decoratifs) is a fantastic museum that I had never been to until just a few weeks ago. Amy and I decided to stop in and have a look. She was especially interested in the items from a few centuries ago.

My interest in those things dried up pretty quickly, but once I got to the section of the museum with the more modern design displays (i.e., from 1900 forward), I couldn't get enough.

There was a great display of chairs in all different designs and styles covering decades of design. I think there were 100 chairs in all.

I inevitably found the minimal embellishment and great lines and structure of the mid-century modern pieces to be wonderful.
I know not everyone would feel the same way, but to me this chair looks like I could just sink right in and read for hours (as long as I had an ottoman). See the next picture for a full view of the "lamp" wall-piece you can see, um..., sprouting out of the chair.

This picture is ugly. But I wanted to include it to show that lamp. Amazing. I love it--function, cool design, and a big piece of wall art at the same time.

I love everything about this "room." I love that the furniture is a little bit lower (since my legs are so short, furniture that is closer to the ground is helpful--otherwise, it's all about the ottomans.). I think the lines of the chaise are just awesome. And those floating shelves are going to get a DIY attempt one of these days (once I'm home, of course).

Can I have this set of consoles, please? (You can barely see it, but just behind the informational sign in front of the console, there is a black circle on top of the console. I'm guessing it was a record player or something similar, but I couldn't tell for sure).

If you want to spend thousands of dollars on me one day, try to buy this sideboard or one like it. Isn't it beautiful? I love the simplicity of the design and the lines, but the warmth of the wood and the pattern of the grain.

And I don't even know how to begin describing the perfection of this desk and chair. (The desk chair, not the leather one in front.)

And this was just a delightful surprise. It's an awesome old armchair with embellished woodwork that has been painted with acrylics paints! I think I now have to do this. Even if I just send it to the dump afterwards.

So, that's a taste of the Museum of Decorative Arts. Obviously this is only a sampling that is very biased toward my own preferences.
I wouldn't suggest this to families with younger children (or even adolescents, really), and unless you're really interested in design or interior decoration, I would keep this as a reserve activity should you find yourself with an hour or two to spare. I absolutely loved it, but I've also already seen the "big" sites in Paris.


Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

See, this is why you and I can be friends... I LOVE the "high modern" simplicity and rationality. Edna Mode is my favorite. Mondrian. 'Nuff said.

Sarah said...

Bill, I'm so with you on that. Edna is the bomb. Her house is awesome, and her attitude is even better. Come to think of it, I love the Incredibles' little mid-century rambler, too. LOVE IT. As in, want one. I wonder if there even are any houses like that in Utah.

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

Get with me when you get ready to do it. I'll help you design it!

PS - did you notice the shrubs on the drive up to Edna's place? They were cubes. So. COOL!!!

Sarah said...

You're on, Bill. I will (seriously) take you up on that if I'm ever in the position to build my own place. How awesome.