Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Vision of Students Today - OR - Why I think YouTube is a Great Teaching Resource

Have any of you seen this video before? I think it's fascinating.

Maybe part of why I like it so much is that when I get home from France part of The Plan includes trying to get a job as a teacher at some point.

I think it's important for teachers (and as a trainer I thought this was very applicable to me in my job, so I promise... I'm not judging) to incorporate technology into the classroom. I think it provides an additional audio/visual/interactive element that is very often lacking, and it provides a sense of continuity and relevance between what is being taught in class and the things the kids are Googling or YouTube-ing or blogging on their own time.

Plus I think it allows teachers to access resources that they might not have been able to track down as easily otherwise (clips of certain songs, movies, etc.). Even better, a teacher could upload a specialized video or presentation of some kind. This could be viewed in class or as part of a homework assignment. Even better than that, there's a whole world of potential interactive projects that the kids could record (in or out of class) and post online themselves (or have their parents or teacher upload it) to be viewed in class, reviewed by the teacher, or shared with family and friends.

Maybe you think this is a good idea, maybe you don't. But I'm not gonna lie... when I'm a teacher, we'll be You Tube-ing.

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